Hamilton County Sheriff's Office partnership encourages higher education for officers

Image: HCSO

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) is partnering with Piedmont International University (PIU) as a way to allow employees to receive higher education.

The partnership will allow HCSO employees one year of academic credit into PIU's undergraduate degrees. That includes criminal justice and business administration. For employees who already have undergraduate degrees can earn credit into PIU's master's degrees.

According to a release from the HCSO, "Piedmont's Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice is noteworthy for its state-of-the-art curriculum designed to emphasize on experimental learning and professional skills."

Sheriff Jim Hammond says this will benefit employees both in the personal and professional lives.

“It is a collaborative partnership that will allow our people to have greater access to higher education which will in return benefit them greatly in their career at the HCSO and their personal lives,” said Hammond.

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