Hamilton County Sheriffs evacuating homes on Little Bend Road



This is from Amy Maxwell of Hamilton County EMS, sent to NewsChannel 9 Thursday morning:

Tri-State Mutual Aid agencies remained at the Boston Branch subdivision throughout the night. Walden's Ridge Emergency Services reported fire crews conducted a tanker shuttle operation by drafting water out of Boston Branch Lake and spraying 180,000 gallons of water around the homes that are endangered.
Currently, 64 residents on Little Bend Road (Boston Branch subdivision) have VOLUNTARILY EVACUATED their homes. Fire crews advise residents will NOT be returning this morning just as a side of caution.


A evacuation is in progress in Hamilton County on Signal Mountain.

That's according to Walden dispatch.

Crews are recomending residents of Little Bend road to leave their homes immediately and make provisions to stay away for several days.

That's according Hamilton County Emergency Services spokeswoman Amy Maxwell.

There are 26 Homes on Little Bend Road. 55 residents from 22 homes have voluntarily evacuated at this time.

Police are asking people that live in that area to leave immediately, and to leave a white shirt or towel on the homes doorknob to show rescue crews the home has been evacuated.

A Facebook group has been created to provide assistance to families forced to leave their home. You can find that page here.

This is a developing story.

Depend on NewsChannel 9 to bring you updates to this story online and on-air as they are made available.

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