Hamilton Co. Commission weighing options on controversial landfill

We spoke with concerned resident and pastor Earnie Burfitt, who lives near the proposed landfill. (Image: WTVC)

Dozens of Hamilton County residents angry over proposed construction of a new landfill brought their concerns before the commission on Wednesday.

Hamilton County commissioners now have one week to decide on a zoning ordinance change that would pave the way for the proposed building of a new landfill near Bryan Road.

Residents say the landfill would lower property values, and argue all environmental factors are not being taken into account.

The proposed site is just miles from Harrison Bay State Park, Bear Trace Golf Course and the Tennessee River.

Birchwood LLC, the group pushing for the zoning change that would allow it, also spoke at Wednesday's meeting. They say the landfill would only be used for demolition and construction materials.

But residents aren't convinced.

"If it was a guarantee that it would only be trees and roots and concrete, as they said, that might not be as much of a concern, but they can't guarantee that," concerned resident and pastor Earnie Burfitt said.

Hamilton County Commission Chair Randy Fairbanks said commissioners will need to review all the material presented by both sides, then make a decision.

A vote to change the zoning ordinance is on the October 18th commission agenda.

"We have to weigh all the evidence, and weigh all the information on both sides, and make an intelligent decision on what is best for the county, also taking into consideration, the residents.

With each side using the first 90 minutes of Wednesday's meeting, Fairbanks admitted there is much to be considered before next week's vote.

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