Grundy County High School football plays for first time since players charged with rape

Grundy plays.jpg

Ten days after rape allegations came to light, the Grundy County football team played for the first time since five players were charged with aggravated rape. Those five players aren't playing. They're under house arrest.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum says those five players threw a freshman teammate to the ground, held him down, and attacked him with the handle of a dust mop.

Friday night was the first night of coaching for interim coach Nick Meeks. That's after head coach Casey Tate and assistant coach Gregory Brewer were suspended after admitting they knew the players were in the fieldhouse without supervision.

Four additional players were also suspended initially, but are back on the team after new information came to light.

The Grundy County School Board voted to continue the season back on Tuesday.

The Yellow Jackets played the Sequatchie County High School Indians.

They ended up losing, 42-7.

It was also senior night at Grundy County High.

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