Grundy County corrections officers disciplined after crash involving county vehicle

Special Programs Sergeant Alan W. Bailey tells NewsChannel 9 the crash happened just after noon on Thursday, at 884 Main Street in Altamont. (Image: WTVC)

Two Grundy County corrections officers have been disciplined after their involvement in a crash that sent an 18-year-old driver to the hospital last week.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) said at the time of the crash at 844 Main Street in Altamont, the officers had their lights on because they were responding to a call from the Grundy County Jail.

Sheriff Clint Shrum says Corrections Officers Tyler Hargis (the driver) and Cody Nunley (the passenger) were being asked to help with a troubled inmate. Shrum says an inmate trustee was sitting in the back seat. He says Hargis and Nunley misinterpreted the call as an emergency, and had their emergency lights on and were driving above the speed limit. Shrum says it's not clear whether the officers employed the vehicle's siren.

Sheriff Shrum says the inmate in the back of the van had gone with the corrections officers to help with a mechanical project. Shrum told us, "The inmate has some mechanical experience and was there in case there was a problem enroute."

The THP said Hargis rear-ended a car being driven by Shalyn Picket, and she was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Shrum told us Friday that according to an internal investigations report, Officer Hargis has been suspended for 30 days without pay for violating the agency's policies on seatbelt use, use of emergency vehicle equipment, and attention to duty, conduct and behavior.

Officer Nunley was suspended for four days without pay for violating the agency’s policy on seatbelt use and inmate supervision.

We have reached out for more information on the internal investigations report, and will update you as we learn more.

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