New evidence may prove innocence for Grundy Co. man convicted of murder

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UPDATE (Wednesday evening, June 26th):

The court adjourned a little after 12 p.m. Central time after a few hours of testimony.

Part of that testimony included that of former officer Mike Brown, who was first on the scene of the murder in 2006. It was the first time he has testified about this case since it happened.

Brown was the first to discover Malcolm Burrows' bloody body.

He testified that records from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation showed no blood evidence in Braseel's car.

"There’s never been any evidence tying Mr. Braseel to the crime, no forensics no finger prints, no DNA. This is the first forensic evidence tying anybody to the crime and it’s this individual, Kermit Bryson," said Defense Attorney Alex Little.

Kermit Bryson killed himself in 2008 after attorneys say he killed a police officer and was on the run from authorities.

Brown says he saw a lot of blood at the murder scene, and that whoever killed Burrows and used their car after the murder, that car would have had a lot of blood evidence in it.

Reports at the time showed Braseel and Kermit Bryson drove similar cars at the time.

Brown said other officers' reports did not match what really happened at the scene.

He said his report has apparently gone missing.

"Mr. Brown, is what you're saying today is that the sheriff's department intentionally lost your report to try and conceal evidence," the prosecution questioned Brown. The prosecution was referring to previous Grundy County Sheriff Brent Myers' administration.

"That wouldn't be unusual," said Brown.

The crowd then erupted in cheers and applause, causing the judge to call for order in the court.

Watch the incident below:

Also on the stand were friends of Kermit Bryson. One said Bryson told her he killed Malcolm Burrows.

"We were in my truck at Briar Ridge in Grundy County, on the Grundy County line. We was getting high and I guess he was venting, I don't know, getting stuff off his chest and he was talking about Malcolm Burrows and how he had killed him," said that witness.

Later, after it was determined that both sides in the case had witnesses who were unable to appear at Wednesday's hearing, the court adjourned until July 31st.

Outside the courtroom, Braseel's supporters chanted "bring Adam home" as he got in the car to back to prison.

This is a developing story. Depend on us for updates as we get them.


Newly-discovered evidence was Wednesday morning to a Grundy County judge in the case of Adam Braseel.

Watch our livestream of the hearing below:

He's the man serving life in prison, who his attorneys say was wrongly convicted of murder.

Braseel has already served more than a decade behind bars after his conviction in the murder of Malcolm Burrows.

His attorneys filed a motion in February, saying they have new DNA evidence that would throw out his conviction.

In the petition, attorneys say that new evidence will reveal a different person was responsible: Kermit Bryson.

Attorneys say Bryson was a violent felon with a long criminal record who killed a police officer, and later killed himself when police were closing in on him. Bryson was also dating a woman who was raising a child Malcolm Burrows considered to be a grandchild, according to the petition.

Attorneys say eyewitnesses misidentified Bryson as Braseel because they look similar, and the vehicle Bryson drove even looked like the one Braseel drove.

A jury convicted Braseel of the murder on November 7, 2007. A 2011 appeal of the conviction was denied.

In December 2015, a judge granted him a new trial and he was released from prison. It was short-lived, however, as an appeals court upheld the conviction, and he returned to prison after a few days.

Tennessee's Supreme Court denied taking up the case in February 2017.

Wednesday's hearing begins at 10 a.m. Central time.

We will have a crew at Braseel's hearing and bring you updates as we get them.

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