Crews mow overgrown yard in Chattanooga after neighbor complaints

Neighbors say the yard has been overgrown for almost a year. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: Crews spent the morning Sunday maintaining the overgrown yard.


People in one Chattanooga neighborhood say after complaining to the city a yard still isn't mowed after a year.

David Carroll lives across the street from the house on 5th Avenue.

"It's terrible. It's awful! I mean, who would want to see this everyday?" Carroll said.

David, his wife, and other neighbors say they've each called the city several times.

"It shouldn't have got this way, it's got out of hand and it causes problems for the neighborhood, makes the neighborhood look bad," Carroll said.

The city says they didn't hear any of those complaints.

In fact, they claim an inspector discovered the problem on Monday.

But on 5th Avenue, they just want someone to step in and take care of it.

"We've called the city, they've called the city, she's called them and they ain't never come out to cut it," Joyce Carroll said, pointing to other neighbors' houses.

County property records show Ringgold Road Investors owns the house.

The county clerk's office says the business bought it in June.

Joseph Janini from Ringgold Road Investors says he was not aware of the grass problem until NewsChannel 9 brought it to his attention.

He plans to cut the grass early next week.

It's still unclear who was responsible for the property before the business bought it.

Neighbors say the owner died more than 10 years ago and someon mowed the yard regularly until a year and a half ago.

"I don't think it should be the people who live in the neighborhood to take care of it, it should be the city or the people who still own the home," David Carroll said.

Now, the yard attracts animals and bugs.

A safety concern for everyone, including kids who live nearby.

"Rats and rodents and a lot of times I see that raccoon come out of there and it's bad because kids come through there and if it bit them it could have rabies," Carroll said.

The city says the only way to make sure your complaint is heard is to call 311.

That's also where you can report other code violations.

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