Group claims discrimination by Park Ranger at Chester Frost Park, county responds

Photo courtesy: Damond Torrey

What is considered not appropriate while swimming at a family, friendly park.

One Hamilton County Park Ranger says one group's clothing was not appropriate for the atmosphere. But the group says, they were targeted because of their skin color.

A cell phone video captured what happened the moments after Hamilton County Park Ranger Dawn Irvin came up to the group on Saturday at Chester Frost Park.

"You're laying up, against this tree, making a sexual pose in the park full of children," said Irvin.

But Jadeisha Roberson says she feels that's not the real issue.

"I feel like it's because we were the only black people out there. Honestly, we were racially profiled. We were the only African- American group out there on the beach and we had on more clothes than anybody," said Roberson.

The girls were wearing one pieces with a tank on top.

"She didn't even give us a reason why she came up to us. That's why we really feel like because we're black, like she pointed us out," said Damond Torrey.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to the county to get their side and they wouldn't only give us this report.

"It says the ranger approached the girls because they were making sexual poses which the ranger describes as not "acceptable behavior for a public park."

"Like we told her, we're taking pictures so if you need proof we're not posing like that, we got a camera right here. What are you talking about? Like we're not doing anything," said Kasha Stewart.

Hamilton County says they don't discriminate and the county and stands by the rangers' actions.

NewsChannel 9 went back to Chester Frost today, and showed the outfits in question to swimmers.

"If that's what they want to do and that's how they want to present themselves then that's fine and it's not anybody's place to say anything," said swimmer Jessica Harvey.

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