Gordon Lee students start attending classes in new high school building

The new school is modeled after the old one built in the 1930's. (Image: WTVC)

It's almost the end of the school year, but on Wednesday, high school students began attending class in a new school building.

Gordon Lee students just returned from spring break this week and are now tasked with moving into their new building.

The new school is modeled after the old one built in the 1930's. NewsChannel 9 not only got a look inside the high school, but also at how students are helping staff move into this building.

Gordon Lee students say the process is about teamwork.

Cole Walker says, "We had to move books today in an assembly line."

Principal Michael Langston showed us the cutting edge equipment going in the classrooms like 3-D printers and engravers.

In the art room, students can look out clean, wide windows, modeled after the ones in the old school.

"It is very fitting for an art class," Langston said.

From a bird's eye view, Langston says the new school looks like a blown up version of the old one.

The inside though, is totally different according to senior Ali Millican.

"The tables are really neat, the floors are really nice," she said. "It's nice being in here."

The decision to build the new facility was a controversial one.

Cole Walker admits he had reservations about abandoning the historic school that is more than 80 years old.

"I didn't think i'd like it, that I'd like the old one better," he said. "But, once I saw it and got inside, I realized we needed it."

He says now his senior class has realized it's not really the building that makes the school special.

"It's the same people, the same atmosphere, same tradition," Millican said. "It's just a newer school."

Administrators say they are auctioning off parts of the old school as a fundraiser.

The principal says Gordon Lee will have a formal grand opening and dedication likely at the end of this summer.

The old building will be demolished in the next couple of months.

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