Glass St. and the black community, "Chattanooga looks different than it did decades ago"


Glass Street in Chattanooga looks different than it did decades ago.

Last month, Chattanooga Organized for Action released a report tracking how the city's expansion has displaced black community members.

Martin Ribbons, a Chattanooga native who grew up on MLK Blvd, says he's watched the city change throughout the years.

He now lives off of Glass St. where he says "lot's of black people live around."

Commenting that metropolitan expansion has economically shifted many of people of color further out of the city, he adds " basically Main street is gone, MLK is gone and we've been shifted here."

Ribbons recalls the time Nat King Cole came to Chattanooga and when many of the black owned business that have closed throughout the years.

Business owner, Justine Jones owns Ashanti Hair salon on Glass St.

She bought two buildings on the road nearly 27 years ago, but says she's seen nearby renters "come and go."

She say in the last few years she seen some improvements on the street she once thought people forgot about.

Adding, "The lights in this area were dark when I first got here. Those are better. They got the murals painted."

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