Georgia's new tax revenue report shows increased spending in state

(Image: MGN)

People are spending more money in Georgia, and that's good news for residents.

A tax revenue sheet released Monday reveals that the amount of spending has increased compared to 2017.

It points out some of the specific numbers including the gas tax revenue increase - 8 percent (or $11.9 million) more compared to this time last year.

A portion of what Georgia residents pay goes to the state to fund projects that fix roads and construction throughout the state. It's a flat tax rate, which means higher gas prices don't explain the increase.

The numbers are clear: more gas is being bought this summer compared to last.

For Ringgold, Georgia drivers like Kenny Parrish, it doesn't matter where his money goes - every dollar can be a struggle.

"We're spending more money than we usually do and taking more money away from other bills," says Parrish.

The report goes over more than just the gas tax, however. It includes things like income and sales tax. Factor everything in, and the state says net tax collection is up 4.4 percent from year to year.

You can see more of the report below:

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