GBI says they were never requested to investigate Varnell Police Chief

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation tells NewsChannel 9 they are not investigating Varnell Police Chief Lyle Grant (IMAGE: MGN)

Despite a statement from city of Varnell's attorney saying they wanted to ask the GBI to investigate their police chief, the agency says they were never requested to do so.

The story comes after Varnell City Councilman, Sheldon Fowler turned himself in on charges stemming from an incident at his home last month.

At a meeting about a week later, the Mayor Pro-Temp says Lyle Grant would be placed on suspension because he was there, and didn't issue a warrant for his arrest a week later.

Before his suspension, the Chief said himself that delays like that were normal... and questions surrounding the timeline were some of the reasons why the city attorney says... they wanted the G-B-I to investigate.

NewsChannel 9 spoke to Chief Grant by phone Sunday, who told us he's still not back on the job but expects to be reinstated Tuesday during the City Council Meeting.

District Attorney Bert Poston also sent a statement to NewsChannel 9 Sunday.

It reads:

"There are a number of people and agencies who can request a GBI investigation including a municipal government like the city of Varnell. If there were a crime to investigate, the city could request the investigation itself. There is no allegation or evidence that Chief Grant committed any crime.
Whether he acted appropriately is a completely different question, but that's a matter between him and his employer and I make no judgement either way."

Depend on us to keep you updated as we learn more.


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