Freedom from Religion Foundation files new complaint against Catoosa Co. schools

Some of the crosses at the base of these flags Ringgold uses to honor veterans each year were made at Ringgold High School. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation says that violates the Constitution. (Image: WTVC)

Catoosa County schools now face complaints from the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

The Wisconsin-based group says Heritage High School's work with a local ministry violates the Constitution.

They named Ringgold High School in the complaint.

That's because some of the students make the cross-shaped flag stands the city uses for its bi-annual flag memorials.

Superintendent Denia Reese says the money students raised helped build a school for underprivileged children.

She says The system's attorney is thoroughly researching the allegations.

Read the full complaint from the FFRF below:

Read Thursday's response from Catoosa County Schools below:

Back in October, 2016, the FFRF also complained about the baptism of football players at Heritage High School. Read more about that here.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to bring you details as we get them.

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