Four Hamilton County elementary schools compete for new walking track

Image via NewsChannel 9 SkyView

Four Hamilton County schools are competing to win a walking track from a local hospital and major department store.

Saturday morning, our NewsChannel 9 SkyView launched over North Hamilton Elemetary's community walk.

They are one of the schools hoping to get $25,000 from Erlanger Health System and Kohl's Cares.

Other schools vying for the big win are Wallace A. Smith, DuPont, and Hardy Elementaries.

Competition includes tracking student steps each day for 20 days in 20 classrooms. One student from each classroom wears a pedometer each day and steps are recorded. Total steps for the school counts for 45% of the competition. Others include record keeping, school/classroom competition, and the school's ability to incorporate the competition into daily learning.

The competition ends April 8th and a winner will be announced shortly after.

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