Four from Chattanooga charged in Murfreesboro gun store theft

Evan Bell (left) and J'Darrius Rice (right) of Chattanooga both face charges after police in Murfreesboro say they tried to steal from a local gun store. (Images: Murfreesboro Police / inazakira / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Police in Murfreesboro arrested four people from Chattanooga Tuesday afternoon, after detectives say they tried to steal guns from a gun shop.

The incident happened at Bullseye Gun Gear and Pawn on Shelby Street a little after 3:30 p.m.

Officers arrested 21-year-old Evan Bell and 19-year-old J' Darrius Rice and charged them with theft of property. Police also arrested two 17-year-old juveniles, also from Chattanooga.

Police say one of the juveniles arrested wasn't involved in Tuesday's incident, but had stolen from the store earlier.

Employees told police three men entered the store and asked to look at handguns. Then, police say while holding the guns, two of the men ran out of the store.

Police say employees then chased after the men and were able to hold them at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police say they recovered the stolen guns and confiscated two other handguns inside the suspect's vehicle.

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