Four charged after deputies find 2 pounds of meth in Bradley Co. motel parking lot

Photos via the Bradley Co. Sheriff's Office. Click 'next' to see who is who.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) says a suspicious vehicle call at a local motel led to four arrests on drug charges.

Deputies say they recovered two pounds of meth in a car, and recovered more methamphetamine and other drugs, along with paraphernalia, in a nearby hotel room.

The incident happened early Saturday morning at the Applegate Inn, on APD 40.

Deputies spotted two men inside a Mercedes, later identified as Juan Sanchez, Jr. (pictured at top left) and Jimmy Ogle (pictured at top right). BCSO says deputies determined Ogle had a warrant for failure to appear, and they asked both men to step out of the vehicle. BCSO says deputies saw "in plain view items commonly used in the sale of narcotics."

Deputies called in a K9 drug detecting dog, who BCSO says positively identified the presence of drugs coming from the Mercedes and a Toyota Camry parked next to it. On searching the vehicle, BCSO says deputies found more than two pounds of methamphetamine under the driver's seat, and a loaded 9mm handgun in the center console.

The BCSO says Sanchez told deputies he had stopped by the motel to visit his friend "Reyes" in room 120.

Deputies went to the room and made contact with Austin Lee Hill (pictured, lower left) and Lluvia Selene Reyes (pictured, lower right). Reyes told deputies she owned the Camry that was parked next to the Mercedes, according to BCSO.

Deputies then searched the Camry, and the BCSO says deputies found methamphetamine and marijuana inside.

The BCSO says deputies then searched the hotel room, and found about half an ounce of methamphetamine and a .22 revolver with the serial number filed off.

Deputies arrested Sanchez, Ogle, Hill and Reyes on several drug-related charges, and all were taken to the Bradley County Justice Center.

The BCSO says the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is helping with the investigation.

The BCSO says at the time of her most recent arrest, Reyes was out on bond after she was arrested two days earlier in Charleston. At that traffic stop, the BCSO says deputies found more than 30 grams of methamphetamine in her possession, and she was charged with possession of methamphetamine for resale.

“This case represents great teamwork and cooperation between the agencies involved. I appreciate the leadership of Sheriff Steve Lawson and the diligence by his patrol officers and investigators. While much of the recent attention has been on the opioid crisis, methamphetamine remains a serious threat to our community. Changes in the law have eliminated most of the local manufacturing of methamphetamine. However, the sale of the purer and more potent “Ice” methamphetamine has become common," said 10th Judicial District Attorney General, Steve Crump.

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