Former Lake Winnie employee pushes for more training in GA amusement parks

Melia Price says she accepted a job running rides at Lake Winnie last month.

One day after the state handed down its third citation to a local amusement park, we're hearing from a woman who says she used to run rides at Lake Winnie.

The woman came to us with concerns about the way Lake Winnie rides operate.

Melia Price says she accepted a job running rides at Lake Winnie last month.

Her paystub shows she was paid by the park.

"I was looking for a fun summer job again," she said.

But, she says after just a couple weeks, she left. One of the reasons: she wasn't even willing to put her family on some of the rides.

"I've seen how the rides work. I truthfully I wouldn't want to ride them and that's just me because I see how they work," she said.

She says one of the rides she was most concerned about is the Wild Lightning.

It's the one Glenn Allen with the Georgia Fire Marshall's office says two people have been hurt on in the last three weeks.

Most recently, Allen says a woman fell from the roller coaster cart Sunday afternoon.

"Hearing the news-it just put a lump in my throat," Price said. "It scared me."

Glenn The state fire marshal expressed concern that Lake Winnie didn't report either of those accidents, or a third one on a different ride, in a timely manner.

That's why he says the park is facing three citations.

Price says its upsetting because she grew up having a lot of fun at the park.

She came to us though, hoping her story would lead to more training at Georgia amusement parks.

She says she was shadowing a manager attempting to become an assistant supervisor. But, she says she would not have known what to do in the case of an accident.

"I don't want lake Winnie to shut down. I love lake Winnie everybody does. It's a great place to go have fun and be with your family," she said. "I just think the training could be better."

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Lake Winnie Friday.

We asked if the employees managing the rides in question are still on the job so far we have not heard back.

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