Former Hutcheson Employee Accuses CEO of Threatening Him on Facebook


As the end of Hutcheson hospital draws near, many former employees are still left wondering - what's next from here?

Scott Lewis worked at Hutcheson as a trauma registrar and paramedic for three years. November 6th was his last day working at the hospital.

He tells NewsChannel 9 resigning was his only option.

"The trauma coordinator left. I got handed the job of the stroke coordinator and the trauma coordinator, and like the week that they filed bankruptcy, they told me basically to just shut the program down," Lewis said.

Lewis says once employees were notified about the hospital going bankrupt - emotions began to run high.

Mostly, because he feels that employees weren't kept in the loop about what was actually happening.

"At what point do you give up hope? At what point do you go - yes? I love this place. I do. I love that hospital. I loved the folks I worked with there but, I've got a family to feed. I've got to pay my bills," he said.

Lewis says the hospital's failure to pay their bills is only one of the reasons former employees have taken to social media - specifically the Hutcheson family public Facebook group.

"It's an open forum. You have to know that when you go and put it on there - it's out there. There's no bringing it back. It's out there for everybody to see," Lewis added.

Wednesday night - Lewis says he posted a comment asking the CEO of Hutcheson - Farrell Hayes - to post his salary for everyone to see.

Then, he says Hayes' wife responded.

"I specifically named her husband. I would expect that if it was my wife, she would defend me," he said.

Lewis says Hayes then private messaged him on Facebook using vulgar language and threatening physical harm.

We asked Lewis if he regretted anything he posted online? "No, I mean, it's the truth. It's all factual. You can go online and find what he makes," Lewis said.

Because of those allegations from Lewis, we reached out to Hutcheson CEO Farrell Hayes. He responded back to us in an email denying those allegations saying his Facebook account was 'apparently hacked.'

At last check, we've found Hayes' Facebook profile has been deleted.

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