Folks beat the heat at IRONMAN race

Folks beat the heat at IRONMAN.

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Athletes put in miles at the IRONMAN race. From swimming, to biking and running, over 1800 athletes competed in the hot weather.

Folks cheering, wearing t-shirts and waving signs, while drinking lots and lots of water.

People came from across the nation to compete- and support their friends and family.

“We're here to support my son Deshawn. This will make his number 22 IRONMAN race to do,” said Ann Davis from Mississippi.

Some people came in awe of their athlete.

“She's absolutely amazing. It's been a fantastic year for her. She's been training for this specifically since February,” said Craig Bayer of Nashville, TN.

Others were inspired by their loved one to start IRONMAN for the first time.

“My mom was in an accident about 10 years ago... 11 years ago.. where they told her she would never run again and she's already done IRONMAN, half IRONMANs, all these events since then,” said Allie Bain from Missouri.

However, some are giving out words of advice because if there's anything folks are hoping to beat this year, it's the heat.

“I love you, just be smart and keep drinking water,” said Kathy Koehler to her husband from Ohio.

Jerry McDonald with Erlanger EMS told NewsChannel 9 they are prepared for any sick athlete or patron.

“We have fans, we have IV's, we have oral hydration as well,” said McDonald.

McDonald mentioned in 2016, the heat was similar as we saw on Sunday, so they've made some adjustments.

“One thing that we didn't do in 2016 was have areas where people could submerge their arms, so a lot of people aren't gonna want to go completely into the submersion tank, you know, so if you need to cool off just a little bit we can submerge their arms from elbows down and try to cool them off that way,” said McDonald.

McDonald said they advised athletes to dial their pace back a bit this year and drink water when they are not thirsty

Something else that's new for athletes this year are cooling buses on the course, along with misters and extra stopping stations in the event someone needs a break.

For anyone who's racing or just watching, know the signs of dehydration.

Jerry McDonald said if you feel dizzy, light headed, or stop sweating- find help.

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