Flu in full force in Hamilton County

In the thick of flu season, local hospitals and health clinics face hundreds of cases of the flu. (Image: MGN)

Like it or not, flu season is in full force in Hamilton County. In fact, it's everywhere you turn.

Nurse Practitioner Kathy Dodd with CHI Memorial Convenient Care – Atrium said they're seeing about 300 patients a week who test positive for the flu. Last week, this number amounted to about 15 percent of their patients.

Hospitals, however, are facing fewer cases.

Parkridge Hospital is averaging around 160 each week, and CHI Memorial around 100 patients per week.

This time last year, Erlanger doctors treated 226 patients for flu-like symptoms.

Right now, those numbers are cut in half, but additional symptoms bring added concerns.

"A lot of our flu cases have been positive for strep, which is a little frightening too," says Dodd.

Dodd says the flu typically brings body aches, chills and sometimes a fever. She said patients often feel fine one day then terrible the next.

She recommends Tamiflu to ease the symptoms. "It's best and most effective if you come in within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of symptoms," she says.

If you're sick, experts say to make an appointment with your primary doctor.

The 24 to 48 hour time window is important because the medicine is only effective to treat the flu and other viruses within the first couple of days.

Doctor's say the best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

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