Floridians travel through Chattanooga over the weekend to escape Irma

NewsChannel 9 stopped by the TN-GA Welcome Center off I-75 Saturday and saw plenty of Florida license plates in the parking lot. (IMAGE: WTVC) 

NewsChannel 9 stopped by the I-75 Welcome Center just at the Tennessee & Georgia State Line Saturday afternoon where we saw plenty of cars with Florida plates.

We spoke to one father and daughter duo who took a quick break from their road trip.

We were going to stay in Ft. Myers and we thought better of it the last minute. So my daughter flew down to Ft. Myers and I picked her up at the airport with the loaded car and we've been driving since yesterday afternoon at 1pm," said Bob DeMarco.

The family is headed to Omaha and says they'll drive straight there and should arrive early Sunday morning.

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