Fire destroys home near Richard Hardy Elementary in Marion County

Jerre Elliott wanted to build a dream home where his kids and grandkids could all stay. Now he feels heartbroken - all that remains is a smoking pile of ash and rubble. (Image: WTVC)

A home under construction burned early Thursday morning in South Pittsburg in Marion County, right across the street from Richard Hardy Memorial School.

NewsChannel 9's Brandon Evans spoke with the homeowner and firefighters, who had the battle the early morning blaze in below freezing temperatures.

The call first came in just after 1 a.m. Thursday at 1700 Marion Avenue.

The homeowner, Jerre Elliott, says he feels heartbroken, because he wanted to build a dream home where his kids and grandkids could all stay. Now, though, a smoking pile of ash and rubble are all that remains.

The homeowner tells us that he was in the process of building the home.

“We wanted a home for everybody, so we tore the old home down and built this one”

Elliott had hoped the 4-bedroom, 2-story home would be ready to move into this summer.

Now that we got to the point of almost finishing, this is gotta come up. I'm just sick. Put it that way.

Temperatures were in the teens while firefighters were trying to put the fire out, and they tell us fighting this fire was no easy task.

South Pittsburg Fire Chief Corey Comstock says when it's that cold, they have to keep the water flowing so it doesn’t freeze.

Comstock tells us they also laid sand and salt to try and keep the road from icing over, and determining a cause will be hard, because there's not much of the house left.

Viewer Alma York took a picture as flames were destroying the home:

Meanwhile, Elliott is left wondering what could have been, and how long until they can begin again.

“It was going to be a beautiful home.”

Elliott says the home was insured. He's devastated the home was destroyed, but happy no one was hurt.

Fire Chief Corey Comstock says at this time there's been no request to have the Fire Marshall's Office come out and try and help determine a cause.

This is the second fire to hit a home in the past 12 hours. We were in Riceville Wednesday night where fire severely damaged a family's home. Read more about that here.

Depend on us to bring you updates to this story online and on-air as they are made available.

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