Dozens left without homes after apartment fire in East Brainerd, 16 units destroyed

A fire decimated the 1800 building of Hamilton Pointe Apartments, leaving 16 units completing destroyed on East Brainerd Rd. (Image: WTVC)

32 residents are left without a home, and trying to figure out the next steps with the help of the American Red Cross.

A fire decimated the 1800 building of Hamilton Pointe Apartments, leaving 16 units completing destroyed on East Brainerd Rd.

"We have nothing but the clothes on our backs, car keys, phones and wallets," resident Billy Waller said. "Basically that’s it. From five minutes when we came downstairs, the building was gone."

The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to the scene. One person was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, but there were no other injuries to people.

But three dogs died in the process.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Officials believe the fire started on first floor, and then continued to rise.

Loretta Stynchcombe says she lives right next to it -- in the 1900 building -- which wasn't affected.

She says she's breathing a sigh of relief.

"But I feel so sorry for the people who are living there and lost everything," Stynchcombe said. "So we all have to help them."

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can click here or mail a check to the following address:

4115 S Access Rd.

Chattanooga, TN


Hamilton Pointe Apartments also says donations are being accepted in boxes located in their main office at 6574 E Brainerd Rd.

PREVIOUS, 8:15 PM: The Chattanooga Fire Department confirms a fire started at Hamilton Pointe Apartments on East Brainerd Road at 4:45 Saturday evening.

The Chattanooga Fire Department says firefighters worked over an hour to get the fire controlled and extinguished.

Officials say crews were able to stop the flames from spreading to other nearby buildings in the apartment complex.

Officials confirm three dogs died in the fire, and one person has been transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation and is in stable condition.

32 residents and four dogs are receiving Red Cross assistance, according to officials.

According to the Chattanooga Fire Department, around 16 units were impacted by the fire, and the entire 1800 building was destroyed.

Officials say the building next to Hamilton Pointe Apartments was also evacuated for precautionary reasons.

According to officials, the fire appears to have started in a lower unit and spread to the rest of the building.

Red Cross is being contacted to assist impacted residents and to assess the situation and decide if a shelter needs to be opened for victims.

Red Cross officials say 32 people are left without a home following the fire.

No firefighters were injured.

Officials say no firefighters were injured, and firefighters are still monitoring hot spots on the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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