Update: Federal agents arrest Aztec Framing business owner

Juan Antonio Perez, from a 2015 arrest. (Image: Bartow County Sheriff's Office)

UPDATE (May 7th):

NewsChannel 9 has discovered that federal agents arrested Juan Perez on April 30th.

Perez remains in custody, according to Bob Page, Public Information Officer of the U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Georgia. Page says he'll make his first court appearance this week.

Page tells NewsChannel 9 authorities with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plan to hold a news conference on Wednesday morning in Cartersville, Georgia, to provide more details about Perez's businesses, and the crimes he's accused of committing.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to keep you posted.


Six properties spread out across North Georgia and Southeast Tennessee are the subject of a federal investigation.

We are taking a deeper look into the life of luxury federal agents said a Georgia man paid for by employing illegal aliens.

This has been an ongoing investigation for years now and Juan Perez might have tipped agents off back in 2015 after one of his employees got into a car accident.

A mugshot shows the first look at Perez who is suspected of employing nearly 200 illegal immigrants at his Aztec Framing business sites.

The photo is the only one on record and is from an arrest in 2015 when he was caught driving with a suspended license.

Perez is suspected of paying those employees low wages, without benefits and pocketing the money he would owe to the state.

Aerial footage shows what federal reports call a compound-like home in Rydal, Georgia where Perez his wife Eva Torres and their children live. It is just one of the five other properties under his name in the investigation.

Testimonials said Perez kept firearms at that home and used the location as a business location on some documents.

Another location involved in the investigation is in Hixson, Tennessee. It is a home and back garage that is listed as another Aztec business site.

Neighbors said they often saw large parties of people in the yard.

A woman answered the door when NewsChannel 9 stopped by, however, all she said was that she rented the home from Eva Torres. She said she did not work with the back garage.

According to testimonials, Perez collected firearms and had multiple cars registered in other people’s names because of his own illegal status.

On record, Perez claimed he had half a dozen employees, however, one of those employees said he employed up to 200.

Court documents said Perez has five different bank accounts with PNC. The accounts have deposits and withdraws totaling over millions of dollars.

While agents towed car after car during Tuesday’s raid at the Rossville location, neighbors said they always wondered where the money came from for the expensive looking cars.

As of Wednesday, the Rossville location is still shut down.

You can read the federal court documents at the link here.

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