Update: Family identifies victim of Monday's plane crash in Soddy-Daisy

A spokesman for his family identifies the victim as Capt. Frank W Davey, USMC (Ret.). This photo was taken from Davey's Facebook page.

UPDATE (Wednesday evening):

It's been three days since a plane crashed into Chickamauga Lake north of Soddy-Daisy.

For those three days, crews have combed the water, searching for Capt. Frank W. Davey, USMC (Ret.).

Captain Davey's family says he lived in Soddy-Daisy for more than 30 years. Tonight, they shared with Kiley Thomas how the weather may have played a role in Monday's plane crash.

NewsChannel 9's Mariah Rock met with Hamilton County Sheriff's forensic dive team, who shared the dangers they're facing in the search. See her report here.


Richard Cox, a childhood friend of the victim and a spokesman appointed by the victim's family, writes to NewsChannel 9 to identify him as Capt. Frank W. Davey, USMC (Ret.).

Cox wrote an email to NewsChannel 9 which says, "We suspect the wind shear may have played a part in the plane being blown off course, due to the weather patterns at the time of the accident, but we will have to wait for the formal investigation to confirm." The email also says it's possible Davey had a passenger with him, but the family doesn't know for sure.

You can read the full email below:

"On behalf of the family of Capt. Frank W Davey, USMC (ret)

We were notified by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department on Monday January 7th, 2019 that a plane resembling the one owned by Capt. Davey was seen crashing into the Chickamauga Creek located near Hobo Bluff/ Camp Vesper Point in Soddy Daisy around 1:30 PM EDT, as called in from a 911 call logged at 1:48 PM EDT. The initial responders on site were Sale Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and STARS.

From the debris it was confirmed the plane belonged to Capt. Davey. The family has not made a formal announcement until the search is complete. Frank’s son Stuart and some friends have been searching the area in addition to the local responders. Capt. Davey was an experienced pilot with both military and civilian flight hours spanning his adult lifetime.

We suspect the wind shear may have played a part in the plane being blown off course, due to the weather patterns at the time of the accident, but we will have to wait for the formal investigation to confirm.

Frank had called several of his friends to go flying on Monday so there is a possibility another passenger(s) may have been on board, at this point we cannot confirm. We wish to express our gratitude for your patience as we come to grips with the apparent loss of a beloved husband, father and friend.

Richard L Cox, Sr. ~ Frank’s childhood best friend has been appointed as spokesperson for the family, all questions should be directed to him either on Facebook at Richard L Cox or by e-mail to Richard@coxwealth.com he will provide updates as we learn additional information.

Richard L. Cox, Sr., CFP

Chief Managing Member"

We spoke with a pilot who took off right after Davey did on Monday afternoon. He shared video with us from inside the cockpit that show very windy conditions:

Watch more: We spoke with Capt. Davey's friends and family on Tuesday.


The search for a small plane that crashed in Chickamauga Lake Monday afternoon is now in its third day.

Authorities have still not released the name of the pilot, or whether anyone else was on board.

Crews on the scene say Wednesday's colder temperatures and high winds, along with recent rains, make finding the submerged wreckage difficult. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says the water is twice as high as normal.

John Scruggs with the Forensic Dive Team says typically divers could see 6-8 feet in front of them.

But because of rain and fast currents, they can’t even see their hand in front of their face.

The sheriffs office says they’ve put 2 divers in since Monday’s crash.

TVA is trying to help control some of the flooding to improve diving conditions.

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This is a developing story. Depend on us to bring you updates as we get them.

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