Facebook beating video suspect's mother: "She did what she had to do"

A Chattanooga woman says she lost her baby after she was brutally beaten up by a group of people on Monday. (Image: Shaaylahh)

The teenager charged with aggravated assault for a beating captured in a Facebook video went before a juvenile court judge on Thursday.

Reporter Katherine Marchand spoke exclusively to the suspect’s mother.

Lanita Wells admits her 15-year-old daughter was involved in the fight, but she says what happened wasn’t cut and dry.

Shaaylaah, who was seen getting kicked and stomped on in a video posted to Facebook, told NewsChannel 9 she was pregnant and lost her baby.

Wells says her daughter was jumped by the victim and some other women a week before this happened and ended up in the hospital with a head wound.

She says her daughter did what she had to do.

"The people who filmed it, videoed it, they need to be dealt with because that’s not right. They should’ve been trying to stop it because that’s what I would’ve done if I was there."

We reached out to the victim for a response to these claims. We haven’t heard back.

As of Thursday afternoon, the 15-year-old suspect is still in custody for aggravated assault. Her mom says she’ll have another hearing next week.

NewsChannel 9 asked the District Attorney's office if the suspect is facing any charges related to an unborn baby; a spokesperson told us she is not at this time.

Chattanooga Police investigators determined the assault is gang-related.

Wells says she does not know if her daughter is in a gang.

We reached out to the victim, Shaaylaah, to get her response to Wells claims. We have not heard back at this point.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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