F3 Chattanooga fitness group honors Fallen Five ahead weekend 'Ruck'

F3 Chattanooga Mens Workout group. Image by WTVC.png

The 4th anniversary of the July 16th Terror attack is next week...and the F3 Chattanooga fitness group plans to honor the Fallen Five with a Memorial Ruck this weekend all while raising money for the victim's families.

F3 Chattanooga men's group meets every morning at 5:30.

But this mornings workout routine isn't about getting in shape...They are preparing for this weekend's Ruck March.

"It's a workout with a weighted pack, you're essentially just walking," says F3 member, Daniel Hugland.

Hugland says each Rucker will haul a backpack containing weights.

"If you're under 150 pounds you carry 20 pounds if you're over 150 pounds you'll carry 30 pounds," says Hugland.

But their mission...is to honor the victims of the terrorist attack that happened four years ago July 16th.

Member of F3 Chattanooga, Eric Collins, says this weekend is about remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"It's really just a way to honor them, that we're blessed to be able to be out here in a great country that they helped provide freedom for," says Collins.

A military connection that Daniel Hugland can relate too.

"For me personally those guys give a lot and they were gunned down in a cowardly manner and you just can't do enough to honor them," says Hugland.

To learn more about joining click the link here.

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