Couple face charges in Trenton after several explosive devices found in car, home

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Deputies in Dade County said two people are in custody after investigators found pipe bombs in a truck Monday night. (Update: Authorities have identified & charged the suspects. Scroll down for details).

Further investigation revealed several more explosive devices at a home on Pee Wee Street in Trenton.

Neighbors woke along Pee Wee Street woke up Tuesday morning to find their normally quiet neighborhood transformed into a crime scene.

Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross said a Georgia State Patrol trooper pulled over a truck at the Circle K gas station in Trenton around 7 p.m. Monday.

"He (the Trooper) got consent to search the vehicle and inside the vehicle, he found three pipe bombs behind the driver seat," Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross said.

Cross said they called in the GBI and started questioning a man and woman inside the truck.

"Before that happened, the bombs that were inside the truck were detonated by the GBI in a safe location," Cross said.

NewsChannel 9's cameras were rolling when agents removed items from the truck, including guns and knives.

Cross said interviews with the driver led them to Pee Wee Street where investigators said they found more guns and another 10 pipe bombs and other kinds of explosive devices.

There, Cross says agents found several other explosive devices at that home. They were then taken to a nearby firing range to be detonated.

Cross says in all, deputies found 13 explosive devices.

Cross says the male suspect lives at the home on Pee Wee Street, and that the female suspect has a warrant for her arrest in Rossville.

Cross says there is no longer any danger to the public.

"We're gonna be trying to figure out what his intentions were. Why he had them, that kind of stuff. Cause that's the big deal," Cross told us.

Our cameras were rolling when agents removed items from the truck Tuesday morning, including guns and knives.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now handling the case.

Meanwhile, Aubrey Black owns a business just a stone's throw from Pee Wee Street.

"We don't have a lot of crime or anything here. It's a pretty peaceful place to live, good people, so I'm totally shocked to hear this news this morning," Black said.

The big question for Black and other members of the community remains why someone would have 13 pipe bombs, and what they planned to do with them.

"We're gonna be trying to figure out what his intentions were. Why he had them, that kind of stuff. Cause that's the big deal," Dade County Sergeant Chad Payne said.

Later Tuesday, Dade County authorities identified the couple as 56-year-old Robert C. York of Trenton and 36-year-old Teshina R. Bates, also of Trenton. Sergeant Chad Payne of the Dade County Sheriff's Office says Bates told investigators she was York's fiancee.

Both York and Bates face 13 counts of possessing, transporting, or receiving explosives or destructive devices with intent to kill, injure, or intimidate individuals or destroy a public building.

Authorities would not speculate on their motivations.

Update: Here is the full arrest report from the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Depend on us to bring you updates as we get them.

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