Experts Weigh In on What Details in Ooltewah Rape Case Should Be Released to Public


As we continue to dig deeper in the hazing case involving basketball players at Ooltewah High school court and school officials refuse to give even basic details about the case.

We've filed multiple Freedom of Information requests with juvenile court officials and the district attorney in Sevier County - and they've gone unanswered.

Executive Director for the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government Deborah Fisher tells us that Tennessee state law says petitions and orders of the court involving juveniles shall be open to public inspection under certain charges including aggravated rape.

So, we want to know - what information about this case should be released to the public?

"There is a part of the law that says if the conduct is a violent act - and there's a list of certain crimes that this covers - that the information is public and the public has a right to know about it," said Fisher.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke believes any kind of incident involving hazing needs to be addressed publicly, even though this specific case didn't occur in a city facility.

"As a parent, I don't want to worry about my kid getting bullied and neither does any other parent. For us, we want to see action and I think on behalf of the city we're going to review all of our policies, and a make sure that we can hear from kids and that we can take action," Berke added.

But the policies that really matter in this aftermath - those that involve county schools - have not been changed as far as the public knows. And the status of the coaches that were supervising this trip to Gatlinburg?

The last we heard from Ooltewah Athletic Director Jesse Nayadley - "We have heard nothing to lead us to have any reason to investigate coaches at this point," he said last Tuesday.

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