'Everybody did their job' - NewsChannel 9 staff remember working Superstorm '93

News Channel 9 staff share their memories of covering the Blizzard of '93. (Image: WTVC)

The deadly Superstorm of '93 brought howling winds and snow drifts, leaving people stranded on roads struggling to get to safety.

As all this was happening, our News Channel 9 team was on the air bringing coverage before, during and after the blizzard.

We brought back some people who covered the storm to share what they remembered from 25 years ago.

"Taking phone calls from these people who were dearly afraid, what's happening what's going on," said Richard Simms, who was a producer and news manager at the time.

"That was the storm that changed the focus of weather in this market," said Mike Dunne, former News Channel 9 anchor.

Dunne remembers how well everyone came together.

"We had a great team and everybody did their job, and did really really well."

The blizzard hit right around the time former reporter John Pless started working at Channel 9.

He was out in the elements bringing stories of neighbors and strangers working together.

"It was really cool to see the response afterward, and how everybody knew that we couldn't rely on government or police or fire to help us, we had to help our neighbors and I think everybody did that," Pless said.

"Only time in Chattanooga history that people really did run out of milk and bread," Simms said.

Meteorologists David Glenn and Bill Race forecasted that something big was coming.

"It was very stressful in the weather department because obviously the tension was very high," Race said.

"It was hard convincing viewers because it had been in the 70s they're like you're crazy it's March," Glenn said.

Thankfully a storm of that magnitude is rare, but goes to show you never know when severe weather will hit.

"People ask me that all the time they say 'think we will see another superstorm' I'm like it's not a matter of if, it's when," Glenn said.

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