Enterprise South accepts $850,000 donation for new bike trail

Image: WTVC

An anonymous donor is to thank for a new bike trail at Enterprise South Nature Park.

After receiving $850,000, the park can now put in a trail that folks have been asking for.

It will be a paved, approximately 6-mile-long trail that will follow the current motor vehicle trail that winds through the park.

“She misses out on being able to go to most places daddy wants to ride,” Chris Richards said he trail rides at least a couple times a week and when he looks for something more family friendly for his youngest daughter, he comes up short at local parks.

“They're always congested with a lot of people, they're always out in the sun so there's not a lot of shade for her and she can't really get out and do what she wants to do,” said Richards.

Parks and Recreation Director, Tom Lamb, said when they first opened the park, they didn't expect so many people to want to bike on a paved, motor vehicle type trail.

“We've had a lot of people that have enjoyed road biking out here and not just biking on the trails, so having that long-distance pathway for road bikes, is gonna be something that we never thought of originally,” said Lamb.

With this new trail, Lamb said folks will be able to take another scenic route which one Richards thinks would be more inclusive.

“It's hard to push strollers or maybe if you're in a wheelchair, something along that line, that would give people the opportunity to be out in nature, in the trees,” said Richards.

Richards said the trails at Enterprise are already great, but the person who donated the money to make this trail happen, knew what people were looking for.

“We're unbelievably happy that we can make something like this happen that will meet, not only the donors request, but so many people will be excited about the project,” said Lamb.

Lamb said they've had grants from the state, local and federal levels, but never a donation from one local like this. He said it will take about a year to construct the trail so they hope to have it completed by Spring 2020...

Tom Lamb also said the department is in the middle of their master plan process and this new trail is just one project from that plan, so we could see more additions on the way.

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