East Ridge residents hopeful Red Wolves development increases property value

(Image: WTVC)

$125 million is getting pumped into East Ridge in the form of a new soccer stadium and nearby developments.

According to the Chattanooga Red Wolves and East Ridge City Manager and Mayor, this money will come from private investors who are backing the team.

People who live in the area are anxious to reap the benefits, such as Justin Styles.

“This will be a lot better than the mud pits we have now,” said Styles.

Down the road you'll find Taylor Law admiring the $125 million plan too.

On Thursday, the Chattanooga Red Wolves announced they're building a soccer stadium in East Ridge near the I-75, I-24 split.

The plan includes hundreds of apartments and hotel rooms, as well as restaurants and places to shop. The Red Wolves say they are still working on the contracts.

Engineers are also working on a plan to connect the stadium and practice field with a walking path under I-75.

“I think it will make our property value go up to two to three times,” said Taylor Law, a neighbor bordering the construction.

Neighbors say they're fine with the buzz of construction equipment that will fill their streets the next three to five years.

But Law is concerned the traffic this development will create along the already busy Ringgold Road.

“When it's all said and done I may have more people needing a place to stay,” said Styles.

The Red Wolves say this investment will bring in 1,200 jobs to the East Ridge area. They say they will begin building the stadium first in the next few months.

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