East Ridge community prepares for new dining, entertainment options

East Ridge community prepares for new dining, entertainment options, WTVC

It's an exciting time for East Ridge as we found out earlier on Tuesday that Topgolf is officially coming to town.

With other vendors buying up land and building businesses, folks believe this is the start of a comeback for the area.

Champy’s announced in June their new location off Ringgold Road, and now rumors of Topgolf coming to East Ridge can be put to rest.

“I said how in the world are we gonna... it just didn't quite make sense that Topgolf would come here,” community member, John Britt said he didn’t think Topgolf was going to choose East Ridge.

Mayor Brian Williams said they actually plan to start construction in just a month. “We're very excited that Topgolf chose East Ridge as their destination,” said Williams.

However, Mayor Williams said that's not it for the East Ridge community. Restaurants like Buddy's, and the new Red Wolves soccer stadium that we'll see down the road, are giving people options.

“You have people coming up here from Georgia to not only look at soccer games but to hangout and it becomes a destination, almost a second downtown to just gather and have fun and go out with friends,” said Britt.

Mayor Williams said the new developments could bring in revenue, especially with the sales tax.

“We've been very proud and happy that we haven't had a tax increase and with seeing these new businesses and new developments, we're expecting not to have to do that going forward,” said Williams.

The location of Champy’s, Topgolf and the Red Wolves stadium might be prime, too. Mayor Williams said hundreds of thousands of vehicles travel that I-75 area, and then you have the locals who will support the businesses.

“It's really exciting to see it come back up and be a top community and a top area where people wanna live,” said community member, Kelly Gunther.

All in all, Mayor Williams said this is a great time for the city.

Mayor Williams said Champy’s and Topgolf plan to open around spring or summer of next year, so the East Ridge community can enjoy them both at the same time.

Mayor Williams also noted that there could be more developments on the way. He wouldn't say what exactly, but he said it's like a trickle effect and when one new business comes, it can bring others

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