Dream Foundation grants wish for terminally ill Whitwell woman

Last year, Amanda Meeks (seen here with her husband and two children) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Now, an organization has granted her wish. (Image: Meeks family)

Last year, a Whitwell woman was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Now, an organization has granted her wish.

"It gave my kids memories. It gave me a little bit of freedom. It gave me life. I have life back," says Amanda Meeks.

Amanda and her family took their very first trip to Disney World in January. They loved it, even the roller coasters.

"I was hollering 'Thank you, Lord.' I love roller coasters. I'm a roller coaster junkie," says Amanda.

It was a wish the Dream Foundation granted thanks to the help of Amanda's social worker at Erlanger, Stephanie Alfaro

"Their spirits are adventurous. They'd go and make memories. Even if she's having a bad day, she fights through it," says Alfaro.

In June 2018, Amanda was diagnosed with a rare and fast growing cancer that affects the central nervous system called Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.

"I had four to six weeks to get my things in order," she says.

Now 8 months later, her faith is just as strong.

"God's faithful. Everybody says your faith is so strong, but that's not true. He's faithful," says Amanda.

This isn't her first bout with cancer. Amanda has been coming to Erlanger for the last eight years after being diagnosed with cancer three different times.

Breast cancer in 2011, then brain cancer in 2016 and her latest diagnosis in 2018.

Through it all? "I have never felt this loved. I have never felt this loved."

Love from her husband affectionately known as "Pee Wee," two kids Lora and Jacob, a community and hospital staff.

"Me and the Lord and my family are going to fight. We're going to continue to live," says Amanda.

Amanda is a proud Whitwell native. She goes through aggressive chemo-therapy every Monday.

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