Despite new petition, Soddy-Daisy/Harrison bridge seems unlikely in near future

A new petition has been gaining signatures for a taxpayer-funded bridge to be built between Soddy-Daisy and Harrison, Tennessee.

This petition calls for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to reconsider the 2016 decision to kill the bridge, which would allow people to bypass Hwy 27, 153, and 58.

Right now, it takes about 30 minutes to get from Soddy Daisy to Harrison.

Kirk Warren lives in Harrison and works as a computer technician, traveling around the area. He says the bridge would take a lot of stress off his job, which is why he signed the petition.

"I mean, my customers need me to be able to respond in a reasonable amount of time," says Warren, "and if that's in the afternoon coming off the 153 bridge here, that's an impossible task."

Right now, the bridge petition has over 3,000 signatures.

In 2016, TDOT denied a proposal for the bridge, saying that the toll required to service the debt would need to be more expensive than most people would be willing to pay.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn told us past estimates for the bridge were about 300 million dollars.

Flynn says funding the bridge with tolling is off the table, but the project still has a chance. There are other higher-priority projects that need to get done before the bridge can happen, however, says Flynn.

If you would like to sign or learn more about the petition, you can do so at the website here.

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