Victim identified in deadly Rossville house fire

Rossville, GA dispatch confirms a person was killed in a house fire early Saturday morning. (IMAGE: WTVC)

UPDATE: The Rossville Police Department says the man who died in Saturday morning's fire is Thomas Fraizer.

Police say firefighters found Frazier's body in the kitchen. According to Detective David Scroggins, the fire destroyed that part of the house. There were pots and pans on the stove and the back portion of the unit was gone, but investigators don't know yet what caused the fire.

Police say Frazier's son was in the house and was able to escape out a bedroom window. Besides a few cuts from glass, the son is expected to be okay.

Neighbors say they're sad to lose Frazier, who was know as a proud father and a man who loved to be with his dogs and work on his truck.

"He was in the Gulf War, he was a veteran," said Kimber McDougale, a neighbor. "And he didn't deserve that."

McDougale says she took in Frazier's dogs after the fire.

"His son had run out and he had this dog - but the Yorkie ran back in to be with Tommy," said McDougale.

According to McDougale, she and her husband tried to help Frazier out of the house.

"We busted the window and the fire department said get away from the house," said McDougale.


Previous Story:

Rossville dispatch confirms to NewsChannel 9 one person was killed in a house fire early Saturday morning.

We're told firefighters responded to the scene on the 300 block of Central St. just before 2a.m.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Details are limited at this time. Depend on NewsChannel 9 to keep you updated as we get them.

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