Man killed trying to put out fire on Tunnel Boulevard

Chattanooga firefighters are on the scene of a death investigation on Tunnel Boulevard. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: Chattanooga police identify the man as 48 year old Michael Brady.

A heroic act by a Chattanooga man costs him his life.

Chattanooga fire department says he was trying to save a local business when he was electrocuted.

Now, a death investigation is underway.

Bruce Garner, the public information officer for the CFD, says Michael Brady was walking down Tunnel Boulevard around 2, Friday.

He says Brady noticed Moss' Place Restaurant was on fire.

"He went inside to a next door establishment, told them there was a fire on top of the roof. They handed him a fire extinguisher," Garner said.

He says Brady climbed on top of the roof.

When firefighters got there, Brady had the fire out.

"[He] started climbing down the front of the restaurant onto the awning and when he did that, he apparently came into contact with an electric service line going to the building," Garner said.

While Brady laid there, Garner says firefighters felt helpless.

"The firefighters had to call in for technicians with EPB to de-energize the line and so they were not able to get to the victim," he said.

Anthony Timmon was Brady's childhood best friend.

He says he's not surprised to hear Brady died trying to help someone else.

"That's what he do. He helped a lot of people out. That's what he do," Timmon said.

Garner says they're working to figure out how this could happen.

"He came in contact with an energized power line for some reason and he lost his life as a result," Garner said. "So, yeah, I would characterize this as a real tragedy."

Neighbors say Brady was known in the community for helping others out and for his handy work.

Garner says both police and fire investigators are working on the case.


Chattanooga Firefighters are investigating a death at 709 Tunnel Boulevard.

Crews were called to the scene Friday afternoon a little after 2 p.m.

Our crew on the scene reports seeing a body on the scene.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened shortly after 2:00 p.m. when 48-year-old Michael Brady spotted a fire on top of Moss' Place at 709 Tunnel Boulevard.

Brady went to the building next door where he alerted the owner of the restaurant and was given a portable fire extinguisher.

Chattanooga police officers and firefighters arrived moments later.

Captain Terrance Andrews tells us Brady yelled down to him that he had the fire out, and while trying to get off the roof came into contact with metal or electric wires that were charged.

Brady collapsed and fell off the building.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators are still gathering information to confirm what led to the man's death.

This is a developing story. Depend on NewsChannel 9 to bring you updates as we get them.

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