Dayton Police Officer Fired for Inappropriately Handling an Inmate

A Dayton Police officer fired for inappropriately handling an inmate at the Rhea County Jail.

Dayton Police Chief Chris Sneed says one of his officers is off the job after he inappropriately handled an inmate at the Rhea County Jail.

Chief Sneed says Officer Kevin Dotson was fired on March 9. He had been with the department for about 13 months.

Details on what happened are limited because the case is still under investigation.

"It basically was the way that one of the individuals was handled, and it didn't follow our policies. So, I just felt like it was best that he was discharged," Sneed said.

The inmate Dotson was handling when he reportedly broke policy is Chad Loudermilk.

Loudermilk was originally arrested for public intoxication.

He is now also facing a charge of aggravated arson after Rhea County Sheriff's deputies say he tried to start a fire in the jail by burned his dinner cup.

Chief John Argo says officers believe Loudermilk brought a lighter into the jail when he was booked.

Argo says Loudermilk broke his arm while he was in jail. It is unclear at this point how the injury occurred and whether or not it innovated any law enforcement officers.

Depend on us to bring you new developments on this story as we get them.

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