Dangerous intersection outside of Battle Academy worries parents, city leaders

Image: WTVC

There is growing concern that an intersection in front of a school in downtown Chattanooga is becoming more dangerous each school year.

Battle Academy is on the corner of East Main and Market streets.

"I've been almost clipped twice at this intersection bringing my son in," said Kevin Bate, the father of a second grade student at the school.

The fear?

"It seems to be getting worse," said Aaron Cole.

Parents Aaron Cole use East Main and Market Streets to walk their children into Battle Academy, but some drivers go too fast or drive distracted.

"There's this lack of respect for people walking," Cole said.

"If you can't be mindful to slow down, that means you don't care about our kids at all," said Chrystal Morris. Her son is in fifth grade.

But there are plans to make changes.

"Now is the time," said councilman Erskine Oglesby.

He wants to send a message that safety for kids and parents is a top priority.

A common suggestion?

"More police officers here at the intersection," said Bate.

"The presence of more officers would definitely be a huge help," Morris said.

That presence is already increasing. Now, parents hope cops give out more warnings or citations.

"If you don't abide by those standards, then something needs to be put in your head that this is totally unacceptable behavior," Oglesby said.

Another suggestion is to have school zone signs extend into the street so drivers can clearly see that they are entering a school zone and the Battle Academy is coming up quicker than they think.

There is optimism.

"I think most people are good at heart and will probably slow down on their own," Bate said.

But making those improvements is a process.

"Changing people's actions and attitudes takes time," Cole said.

Councilman Oglesby said any changes made to street signs will be done by the Chattanooga Department of Transportation.

Battle Academy is a magnet school for pre-K through fifth grade students.

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