Dalton Man Pleads Guilty to Murdering Wife

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A Dalton man has pleaded guilty to murdering his wife.

Conasauga District Attorney Bert Poston says on Wednesday, 49-year-old David Dyer admitted to murder, aggravated assault, and obstruction of an emergency medical professional in court.

Poston says the aggravated assault merged with the murder charge for sentencing purposes.

Poston says the case was scheduled for a "calendar call" on Wednesday and was not anticipated to be a plea, but Dyer told his attorney, Public Defender Mike McCarthy, that he wished to change his plea.

Glenda Dyer was stabbed several times by David Dyer back in March of 2015 at the couple's home on Elaine Way. Poston says the autopsy showed she was stabbed at least 136 times.

Dyer then called 911:

Emergency crews soon arrived on the scene to find Dyer outside the home. The men asked Dyer a question, and nearby neighbors say they saw him shaking his hands. Then witnesses say they saw Dyer reach for something in his truck, while one of the EMTs tried to grab his arms. He then began fighting with the EMTs. Poston says Dyer injuried one EMT so bad, that EMT has not been able to work as a paramedic since.

After subduing Dyer, EMTs entered the home to find Glenda Dyer insidem in a pool of blood. Poston says Glenda was conscious but unable to speak. She was able to answer a few questions by nodding her head, including identifying her husband as her attacker. She then fell into a coma, with stab wounds to the eye and throat.

She died later in the hospital with the blessings of her daughters, who learned from doctors that she was brain dead.

Poston says David had cut his wrists and while getting medical attention, he told emergency room staff that he was arguing with his wife and he "just snapped."

Glenda Dyer has been described by neighbors as a hardworking mother and grandmother who loved her family. She was the mother of two girls and the grandmother of four.

Superior Court Judge Jim Wilbanks sentenced David Dyer to serve life in prison on the murder charge and 5 years on the obstruction.

Poston says The victim's family was present and supported the resolution of the case.

Here is the full release from Bert Poston:

David Lowell Dyer (49) formerly of 1603 Elaine Way in Dalton entered a guilty plea today to murder, aggravated assault and obstruction of an emergency medical professional. Dyer entered the plea before Superior Court Judge Jim Wilbanks and was sentenced to life in prison plus five years to serve in prison concurrent on the obstruction charge. The aggravated assault charged merged into the murder charge for sentencing purposes. Dyer was in Court for calendar call ahead of a scheduled February 1st trial date. District Attorney Bert Poston announced ready for trial around 9:00 AM when court began but later in the morning Dyer advised his attorney, Mike McCarthy with the Public Defender's Office that he wished to change his plea. The family of victim Glenda Dyer had previously expressed their desire that the case be resolved by a plea so that they would not have to go through a trial and those members of the family who were present approved of the final disposition in the case. Dyer will be eligible for parole in 30 years, at age 79.

Dyer was arrested on February 26, 2015 after Dalton Police Officers Adolfo Miranda, Matthew Ray, and David Saylors responded to two 911 calls made from the residence by Mr. Dyer. Paramedic Randy Wilkes and EMT Todd Bush of Whitfield EMS also responded and arrived just ahead of the officers. Wilkes and Bush found Dyer in the driveway and Dyer stated to them that he had killed his wife before physically attacking Wilkes. The two struggled to get Dyer under control until Officers arrived and in the process Wilkes received injuries to his face and to his back, the later resulting in disability which has prevented him from working as a paramedic since that date.

While Officer Miranda secured Dyer, Officers Saylors and Ray entered the residence and found Glenda Dyer in the bedroom laying in a pool of her own blood and bleeding from dozens of stab wounds and cuts. Mrs. Dyer was conscious, but unable to speak. She was able to answer a few questions by nodding her head, including identifying her husband as the one who had harmed her before losing consciousness. With the help of EMT Todd Bush, Saylors and Ray were able to get Mrs. Dyer's worst injuries bandaged, get her on a backboard, and get her to a waiting ambulance to take her to the hospital. Paramedic Randy Wilkes was not able to assist because of the injuries he sustained from Mr. Dyer.

At Hamilton Medical Center, Mrs. Dyer received further care including massive amounts of blood but her injuries were too severe and she had suffered too much brain damage from lack of blood and oxygen to the brain prior to her arrival at the emergency room. After a valiant effort to save her life by doctors and nurses at Hamilton, Mrs. Dyer succumbed to her injuries on March 1st. A later autopsy determined that there were at least 136 stab and cut wounds to Mrs. Dyer's head, face, neck, torso, arms and hands including many defensive wounds. A large number of the injuries were overlapping making it impossible to get an accurate total count. No single injury was found to have been fatal on its own. Rather, Mrs. Dyer died from massive blood loss due to the sheer number of wounds she sustained.

David Dyer was interviewed by Detectives with the Dalton Police Department including Detective Matt Lowery, who was the lead investigator in the case, and Detective Brian Shirley who assisted in the investigation. Dyer admitted a history of marital problems arising from his abuse of alcohol and prescription pain medication. He admitted that no one else was in the home and that he and Glenda had argued prior to her death. He denied any memory of the assault itself but stated that he remembered later having blood on his hands and calling 911. Dyer cut his own wrists after the assault and received medical care at Hamilton Medical Center at the same time his wife was fighting for her life nearby. Dyer stated to emergency room staff that he and his wife were arguing and that he had "just snapped". He did not elaborate.

The District Attorney's Office would like to thank the Dalton Police Department for their outstanding work on the case and also thank the other agencies that assisted in the investigation and in providing care to Mrs. Dyer, specifically Whitfield EMS, Hamilton Medical Center, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation including the State Crime Lab which performed DNA testing on certain evidence and which performed the autopsy. We began the day by announcing that we were ready for trial and were fully prepared to present the evidence to the jury during the upcoming trial week in February, however we are pleased for the victim's family that Dyer finally accepted responsibility for his acts and entered a guilty plea. The family was prepared for an emotionally very difficult trial but has been spared that by today's plea and sentencing and fully supported the final resolution in the case.

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