Dalton High students return to school for the first time since gun scare

Students return to school Thursday morning to pick up their belongings left behind when school was evacuated on Wednesday. (Image: WTVC)

Students went back Dalton High School Thursday to get the belongings they left behind yesterday, after a teacher barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a gun.

Jayden Boston took a snapchat video of the moments right after the sound echoed through the halls.

"I was in the classroom across the hall and I heard the gunshot. That's how I knew this wasn't, like a drill, this was for real," Boston said.

Even though he’s allowed to go back inside, Wesley Caceres doesn’t feel ready yet.

"Today if there had been school I would have not gone either way," he said.

Today though, he's remembering brave acts by teachers.

He says his business teacher took control and made him feel safe in a scary moment.

"She locked the door. Students were still running in the halls, they came in with us and she barricaded us in the corner," Caceres said.

Thursday, crews cleaned up glass underneath the window police say Randal Davidson shot out. We learned that Davidson waived his right to his first court appearance Thursday.

Boston says she still can't believe a beloved teacher like Davidson could do something like this.

"Mr. Davidson was a teacher that was always in the hallway. Like, talking to us and telling us to go to class and I was really surprised to hear that it was him," Boston said.

Thursday morning, students met inside the school for a moment of silence. They say they're thankful no one was hurt.

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