Dalewood Middle students win bet with principal during state testing

Dalewood Middle School Principal Arielle Garcia Hayes made a bet with students about testing attendance. The students won, and dyed her hair pink. (Image: WTVC)

In an effort to encourage students during state testing time, the Dalewood Middle School principal made a bet.

If every student arrived every day on time and ready to work, she would dye her hair pink.

And she did it.

The state requires 95% attendance during testing.

The students exceeded expectations and got up to 99.5% attendance.

This is only Arielle Garcia Hayes' second year as principal but she's happy they came through.

"The best thing about being a principal is looking at my kids every day and smiling and hugging on them," Hayes said. "Just knowing that we are here to make school fun again."

Hayes says she will keep her hair pink for a couple of days, then it's back to brown.

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