Dalewood Middle and Nolan Elementary take checkered flag in first Green Prix Saturday

The Dalewood Middle car cruises to victory in the Chattanooga Green Prix. Image: Hamilton County Department of Education

Hamilton County students worked for months tweaking their electric cars and prepping for the inaugural Chattanooga Green Prix held Saturday at Chattanooga State Community College.

Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE) says ask the students, and they will say it was fun but the racers were also learning how to problem solve, engineer, and product develop their race cars to bring home the victory.

Nolan Elementary and Dalewood Middle won their respective races to get the opportunity to participate in additional races in Huntsville, Alabama.

HCDE says the schools participating received a base Greenpower USA kit car with a chassis, wheels, motor, batteries, and instructions to assemble the kits.

HCDE says the students were encouraged to create a shell for the car using as many recycled materials as possible.

The teams also learned how to charge the batteries for their car using renewable energy from solar power or other sources.

The student builders had the opportunity to identify tweaks to make the car go faster including adjustments to the aerodynamics and alignment.

HCDE says honing driving techniques also proved to be very valuable in the races.

Students in the elementary school competed in the 45-minute race in Goblin style carts.

HCDE says teams from Nolan Elementary, Woodmore Elementary and a school from Huntsville, Alabama participated.

The middle and high school teams representing East Lake Academy, Dalewood Middle, Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts, The Howard School, STEM School Chattanooga and Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy competed in the 90-minute F24 Division race.

HCDE says the number of laps completed during the races determined the winning teams.

Dalewood Middle and Nolan Elementary will have the opportunity to compete in races in Huntsville later this school year.

HCDE says the Goblin race will be held on April 28, and the F24 race is scheduled for May 5.

“Under our coaches’ leadership, our students have had some amazing learning experiences that will serve them well academically and socially,” said Dr. Shane Harwood, principal of Nolan Elementary. “We can’t wait to do it again next year!”

HCDE says other schools in Hamilton County have contacted Dr. Harwood about fielding a team in next year’s Chattanooga Green Prix, so he expects the competition to grow across the county.

“We appreciate Charlie Spencer and TVA for sponsoring our team and the team from Woodmore because they made this possible for our school teams,” added Harwood.

The team for Nolan Elementary included Mia Eldridge, Will Harwood, Jackson Kennedy, Thomas Evans, Nolan Bernard, Carver Snyder, Declan Goff, Robyn Shumpert, Wyatt Cross, and Benjamin Wright. Jennifer Cisto, the STEM Lab teacher, is the Nolan, team coach.

The team for Dalewood Middle included Julian Hamilton, Jeffrie Welch, Jeremiah Welch, Edward Ford, Christian Peterson, Steven Lovelady, Adrian Para, Deshawn Flanigan, Iyonna Stevenson, Mikayla Lake, and Adon Goldston. Chris Seanard, VW eLab specialist at Dalewood, is the team’s coach.

The Chattanooga Green Prix event on the Chattanooga State campus was free and open to the public.

HCDE says the event was supported by volunteers from the Chattanooga Region of the Sports Car Club of America and sponsored by the Lyndhurst Foundation, TVA, and Chattanooga State Community College.

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