Dade County schools roll out new technology to keep students safe

Dade County schools roll out new technology to keep students safe (Photo: WTVC)

After several school shootings and emergencies across the nation last year, school officials in Dade County want to make student safety a priority.

They are implementing new technology, which can send out alerts if there are any threats.

"Last year, that concern was highlighted through several tragedies that occurred in our nation,” said Dade County Schools superintendent Dr. Jan Harris.

One of those incidents was school shooting in Parkland, Florida last February that claimed 17 lives.

"When you're having an incident at a school, seconds matter,” Harris said.

That is why the new incident management system is in all four Dade County schools.

Sheriff Ray Cross says response time takes between 60 and 90 seconds. "If there is ever a law enforcement issue that we will be responding, it's just great time saver for us,” Cross said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The system has two components. The Telecenter Response works by pressing a button on a console, or teachers using their computers or even their cell phones. They can send notifications of emergencies.

Then, there is the Seilox System that enables law enforcement to see what kind of emergency they are dealing with and where it is. They will have contact with 911 centers through email.

"It's just mind-boggling to how much we can rely on technology to help us keep people safer than we did in the past,” Cross said.

Keeping students safety remains the top priority. Harris says even with the latest technology available, they hope they will never have to use it.

The new technology was paid for by a grant from the COPS program.

Major Tommy Bradford wrote the grant.

He is the deputy who was severely injured during a high speed chase earlier this year.

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