Dade County church holds blood drive to support deputy hurt in high-speed chase Tuesday

Dade County's Sherriff says his deputy was targeted when he was hit by a speeding truck Tuesday. Major Tommy Bradford continues to recover at Erlanger after losing his leg. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: Thursday (8/17/18)

According to a Facebook post from Major Bradford's wife, Bradford's family is at Siskin's Hospital starting rehabilitation.

The Dade County Chamber of Commerce is holding a raffle, for a free 30-minute flight in a ultralight trike.

Tickets $15 each, or two for $25. They are on sale until September 1st.

UPDATE: Thursday (8/9/18)

The Dade County Sheriff's Office says a donation has been created at the Bank of Dade in Trenton for the family of Major Tommy Bradford.

You can also make donations at:

Piney Grove Baptist Church Pastor John Smith says this week's blood drive resulted in 99 units of blood donated, and just under $1,200 raised.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


Dade County's Sherriff says his deputy was targeted when he was hit by a speeding truck Tuesday.

Major Tommy Bradford continues to recover at Erlanger after losing his leg.

We learned Wednesday that the whole thing started in Fort Payne, Alabama.

That's where investigators say the suspect, LeeAnn Wooten, robbed a home.

The chase went into Dade County, and Major Bradford was run over on Cedar Lane, near Highway 11.

It ended when police say Wooten crashed at the Trenton Town Square.

Major Bradford's pastor says Piney Grove Baptist Church had a blood drive planned on August 8th for months. They do one every year here on a Wednesday night. This time it was just perfect timing to help one of their own, and they got a second blood donation bus to come out.

"Tommy is the greatest guy you will ever meet," Pastor John Smith said.

Major Tommy Bradford is well known in Dade County for his positive personality.

"Anyone that's ever met Tommy, likes Tommy. He's kind, compassionate, generous. He's a servant," Smith said.

Smith says Bradford and his wife Mary Ann foster children and recently adopted one of them.

Tuesday, Smith says Mary Ann called him to explain what happened here to her husband.

"She had just found out about it, and been to the scene to see what had happened. So, yes, she was upset. She loves her husband," he said.

The sheriff still had a hard time describing the moment he saw the man he not only calls his chief deputy, but also his friend.

The sheriff says he doesn't believe he was hit on accident.

He says Wooten meant to run Bradford over, as she was running from other officers.

Sheriff Ray Cross says, "He was trying to do the right thing and deploy the spike strips. She targeted him. He had no way to get out of the way."

Fort Payne police say they started chasing Wooten in Alabama.

A homeowner there says her neighbor saw someone loading up their air compressor into her white truck.

When she crossed the state line, the sheriff says Dade County deputies were asked to jump in.

"Once an agency requests that, we have to, because we don't know what she's done," Cross said.

Surprisingly, those supporting Bradford say they aren't worried about Wooten right now.

"That obviously makes it very difficult for all of us, knowing that it was intentionally done," Pastor Smith said, "But, I believe we cannot change what has happened, and wanting to bring harm on her - that's not going to help or change anything."

And, as Major Bradford's attitude meets modern day medicine, Pastor Smith says there's great hope in Bradford's future.

"Knowing Tommy, I can see Tommy say a year from now, right back in the saddle," Smith said. "He's determined. He's strong. He has a strong will, and I believe Tommy will be right back where he was before."

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