One person dies in Cleveland house fire Friday

Crews worked to put out a house fire in Cleveland. One man was killed. (Image: WTVC)

A spokesperson with the Cleveland Fire Department tells us that one man died during a fire at 685 4th Street SE.

We spoke to two brothers on the scene who pulled a woman to safety and tried to save the man, later identified as 78-year-old James Kline.

"I grabbed one of my father’s crowbars and started busting out all the windows, hopefully to get rid of some of the smoke and give time for the firefighters to get here, but it was too bad already," Marquise Davis said.

"We just kept screaming his name and screaming his name trying to see if we could hear anything, just any sign of life," Nick Davis said. "We couldn’t hear anything it just sounded like explosions, the way the house was crumbling it just sounded like explosions going off."

The brothers tell us they were neighbors with Kline since they were children.

"He was well respected in our neighborhood, and he’s been around for a very long time so we wanted to do anything we could to help him," Marquise said.

"The smoke and the fire was just overwhelming. There is nothing we could have done, I mean we tried everything we could have done," Nick said.

Crews responded to the home just after 7 p.m. Friday.

A spokesperson with Cleveland police tell us that two elderly people were inside the home at the time of the fire.

A neighbor was able to help a woman escape the home.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Depend on us to bring you updates to this story online and on-air as they are made available.

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