Companies hold scuba lessons to encourage certification

Go Dive Now teamed up with the aquarium and a few local dive shops to teach people the basics of scuba diving.

In a spot right next to the Chattanooga Market, laid a giant above-water pool. Kids and adults were swimming in it while learning how to scuba dive.

Dave Reidenbach is the tour coordinator for a company called "Go Dive Now" and their goal is to show people how easy it is to scuba dive and encourage them to become certified. The company travels cross country with their pool holding free events. With the help of the Tennessee Aquarium, they were able to stop in Chattanooga for a weekend.

Everyone was required to sign a waiver to participate. Individuals also had to provide their own swimsuit and towels, but the company supplies wet suits, face masks, fins, and all the gear necessary to learn the basics.

Children under the age of 10 were unable to participate, and ages 11 and 12 had to be accompanied by an adult. Officials with the company said they've had people in their 80's show up to their events nationwide.

Of people who sign up and participate in these sessions, organizers said about 15 percent go out and receive their certification.

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