Community honors fallen Chattanooga police officer Saturday morning

(Image: Mike and Cynda Sims)

A short memorial service took place in honor of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger Saturday morning near the location where he was killed.

Watch the story below:

Galinger was checking a flooded manhole cover on Hamill Road on February 23rd when police say a woman was speeding in the rain and hit and killed him.

On Saturday, March 30 at 10 a.m., a large rock that has Galinger’s name, badge number, birth date, and death date will be placed near the scene.

Mike and Cynda Sims made and donated the rock. They own Boulder Designs by C&M Custom Boulders in North Georgia. Cynda works with police closely every day, and tells us they felt called to honor Officer Galinger.

The Ministry Center Church will allow people to park in their lot and walk to the spot where the rock will stay.

Prosecutors say Janet Hinds is responsible for the death of Officer Galinger. She’s facing several charges including vehicular homicide. A grand jury is currently deciding whether to formally indict her on the charges she currently faces.

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