Community pitches in to help Red Bank High School student battling rare digestive disorder

16-year-old Mollie Burke is a sophomore at Red Bank High School, and says she's missed nearly a year of school fighting a rare digestive disorder. (Image: Andi Shadrick)

A sophomore at Red Bank High School is battling a rare digestive disorder, and her mom says she's desperate to see her get better.

16-year-old Mollie Burke says she's missed nearly a year of school fighting a condition that causes her to vomit nearly 30 times a day.

Mollie's mother, Andi Shadrick, says doctors aren't exactly sure what's making her sick. She says Mollie will have to undergo a $97,000 surgery.

"When she takes food in, her body thinks it's a parasite so it attacks it," says Shadrick, "The second diagnosis is Gastroparesis. Hers is very severe, so her stomach doesn't empty. Her stomach holds food up to four days."

Despite the cost to get better, she says Mollie is trying to stay in good spirits.

"Through this whole process, I've gained a lot of faith, so I'm pretty faithful," says Mollie.

Andi shared this fundraiser on Facebook last week.

She says people in Red Bank and across the nation have donated. As of writing this report, they've raised more than $20,000.

They're asking for the community's help to reach their goal.

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