Community helping renovate Rivermont Elementary

Community members are turning out in droves to help give Rivermont Elementary a makeover. (Image: WTVC)

Hamilton County students won't go back to class until August 10th, but that doesn't mean schools aren't already busy.

The community is having a big part in one school's makeover.

It's a beautification blitz at Rivermont Elementary.

Principal Nikki Bailey's grandfather is Manuel Nash Senior. He actually helped build the school back in 1953.

Now she's helping give it a facelift.

The STEAM school, with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, badly needed an upgrade.

"It's been exciting to see our science lab coming along, but also to see the enthusiasm pick up and spread like wildfire," Bailey said.

The Hamilton County Board of Education is providing all the white paint and removed the asbestos carpet in two rooms.

They're also remodeling two bathrooms with new copper plumbing, but that won't be done before school begins.

The labor, and more importantly, the love, has been pouring from the community.

"I think it's wonderful how the community has responded with so much energy and excitement," Evelyn Harris said.

Harris is a pastor and a parent. Members of St. Luke Methodist were pitching in on Wednesday.

So was local artist Caroline Cook.

She's helping paint STEAM across the side facing Hixson Pike.

"I believe if you have a child who loves science and you have a school like this that is going to give them advantages - a little extra in that field - then that's awesome," Cook said.

And that's just a few of the dozens and dozens of groups that are helping make this upgrade happen.

"The community is making the difference here and it's just fantastic," Harris said.

The big unveiling at Rivermont is August 7th.

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